(Pictured above: Carol Foran, Fr. Nate Swann, Helen Willoughby, Lynn C. Brown, Fr. David Koetter, Caroline Phillips)

Lynn Coleman Brown
“I was led to Blessed Sacrament for a chance to do something meaningful that would impact children in a positive way; the desire to be an administrator in a Catholic school; the desire for my child to receive a Catholic Education; and a lot of coaxing and encouragement from Father McCarthy.”

Helen Fogarty Willoughby
Assistant Principal
“I was inspired by the Sisters of Mercy during my elementary years at Blessed Sacrament and touched by them during my high school years at St. Vincent’s Academy. I saw what their influence, teaching and dedication could do to transform children into amazing people. I wanted to be the person who could make a difference in the lives of others. “

Margaret Hubbard
School Counselor
Education:  B.A. in Psychology, The University of the South/Sewanee.  Masters in Education with a focus on Educational Counseling, Georgia Southern University.

Caroline Phillips
Assistant Principal of Middle School
Education: B.S. in Middle School Education, Armstrong State University; M.A. in Educational Leadership from the University of Notre Dame

Fr. David Koetter
Blessed Sacrament Church
Email: www.mbschurch.org

Fr. Nate Swann
Parochial Vicar
Blessed Sacrament Church
Email: www.mbschurch.org


Alex Swanger, Administrative Assistant

Katie Tambon, Bookkeeper

Cheryl Toma, Office Manager

John Beckling, Network Administrator/IT Management

Brooke Clarke, Director of Communications/Events