Our History

From our humble beginnings to our current state-of-the-art facilities, the history of Blessed Sacrament Catholic School is a rich tapestry woven with faith, education, and community.

The Dawn of Blessed Sacrament: In 1939, under the auspices of the Rev. James H. Conlin, Blessed Sacrament Catholic School planted its roots in the fertile ground of faith-based education. With the help of Sister Mary Stella Maris and the Sisters of Mercy from Saint Vincent’s Convent, our school began its noble journey, transforming the Parish Hall into three initial classrooms.

A Monumental Era: By 1943, Blessed Sacrament’s parish had burgeoned to 1,600 members, necessitating the construction of a new building to house both the church and school. This structure, adorned with eight additional classrooms on the upper floor and the church on the lower floor, became a beacon of learning and worship at the corner of Waters Avenue and 44th Street.

Expansion and Innovation: The Sisters of Mercy remained integral to Blessed Sacrament’s faculty, marking a historic moment in 1951 when Mrs. Carlos J. Desposito became the first lay teacher at Blessed Sacrament. The subsequent years saw continual growth, with a new school wing in 1959 featuring more classrooms, an auditorium-gymnasium, and administrative offices.

Technological and Programmatic Advances: The late 20th century brought a technological revolution to Blessed Sacrament, establishing a computer lab in 1984 and implementing a music program two years later. Our Extended-Day Program began in 1987, offering before- and after-school care—a testament to our dedication to student welfare and development. The 1990s and early 2000s saw the addition of art programs, accelerated reading, and significant technological advancements, including a local area technology network and the hiring of a full-time computer specialist.

Building Our Future: In 2017, our Seeds of Change Campaign began a new chapter by constructing Phase 1 of Blessed Sacrament’s unique physical campus. The following year, we celebrated unveiling new offices, Media and Art Centers, and a state-of-the-art gymnasium, solidifying our commitment to providing an exceptional educational environment.

Today, Blessed Sacrament School continues to serve students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, each step on our campus a step in our ongoing story of faith, learning, and community. Join us as we honor our past and forge our future, upholding the legacy of excellence in Catholic education.

Our Name and Alma Mater

Blessed Sacrament, a name that signifies the Holy Eucharist at the core of Catholic worship, encapsulates our commitment to nurturing the spiritual well-being of our students. This central mystery of our faith signifies Christ’s lasting presence with us, the cornerstone upon which our community is built. Our alma mater echoes the values and spirit of our community, resonating with the memories and traditions cherished over generations.

Alma Mater B.S.S.

Guiding us to happiness.
Blessed Sacrament to you
Let us sing your praises true.
Many friendships here we’ve cherished,
Many blessings we possess.
May God bless you and keep you.
Alma Mater, B.S.S.
Blessed Lord in thee we trust
Keep us strong and ever just.
Let our lives reflect Your love
Always guide us from above.
Many friendships here we’ve cherished,
Many blessings we possess.
May God bless you and keep you.
Alma Mater, B.S.S.

Our Creed And Logo

At the heart of our community lies the Blessed Sacrament Creed—a testament to the interlocking elements of parents, students, and faculty. Like the shamrock on our emblem, we are interconnected by God, forming a solid stem of belief. Parents and students trust the faculty; our faculty and parents believe in the success of each student, fostering a community where belief in oneself is cultivated.

The Sisters of Mercy

Our roots run deep with the Sisters of Mercy, an international community of religious women dedicated to serving those who suffer from poverty, sickness, and lack of education. Inspired by the vision of foundress Catherine McAuley, we continue their legacy, fostering compassion, care, and service within our community. Discover more about the Sisters of Mercy.

St. Patrick, Our Patron Saint

St. Patrick, our beloved patron saint, symbolizes our commitment to spreading the light of faith. His missionary zeal inspires us to educate and transform lives, just as he did in the 5th century. St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, emerged from mysterious beginnings, was kidnapped and enslaved before finding spiritual awakening. His transformative journey led him back to Ireland as a missionary, spreading Christianity and establishing a legacy that transcends centuries, celebrated annually on March 17 as St. Patrick’s Day, a symbol of Irish culture, resilience, and hope.

Learn more about Saint Patrick’s life and legacy.

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