Academic Curriculum at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School

At Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, our curriculum adheres to the guidelines set by the Diocese of Savannah and meets all state education requirements. Designed to challenge and inspire, our academic program aims to help students reach their highest potential. With innovative instructional materials, we address the unique needs of each learner.

Our comprehensive curriculum includes key subjects such as religion, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. We also emphasize computer instruction, media literacy, music, art, physical education, and health – ensuring a well-rounded education for all students at Blessed Sacrament School Savannah.

In grades 6-8, students may be grouped by ability for mathematics, including an accelerated Algebra program. This grouping is based on performance, teacher recommendations, and standardized test results, with high school credit for Algebra determined at the high school level.

Our approach is tailored to meet the individual needs of all students, with resource specialists available in both lower and upper schools for remediation and enrichment. Reading and math classes are differentiated, and in grades Pre-K-5, students benefit from flexible grouping based on their academic performance levels.

Technology integration is a key component of our curriculum. Classrooms are equipped with SmartBoards, iPads, laptops, and one-to-one Chromebooks for grades 5-8. Direct technology instruction in our technology lab includes digital citizenship, keyboarding, word processing, presentation software, research, and web design, tailored to each developmental stage.

The Daniel DeLoach Distance Learning Lab enhances our offerings, featuring a student-led Broadcast News Team for school-wide announcements. This innovative space cultivates communication and technical skills among our students.

A highlight of our Blessed Sacrament School experience is the hands-on learning opportunities in our new STEAM Lab. Equipped with SMART Lab programming, it includes a standards-aligned math and science curriculum, professional development tools, and experiential learning opportunities. Our STEAM lab encourages students to become independent thinkers, skilled in gathering and evaluating information to question and interpret the world around them.