Cultivating Lifelong Connections

At Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, we take immense pride in the enduring relationships we maintain with our alumni. Our belief in nurturing potential and cultivating character extends beyond graduation, as we witness our alumni growing from tiny seeds into mighty trees. Whether you’ve recently graduated or are reminiscing about your days at Blessed Sacrament School Savannah, the bond we share is everlasting and cherished.


Stay Engaged and Connected

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Volunteer and Serve: Embrace the spirit of Blessed Sacrament by offering your time and expertise. Alumni volunteering creates a lasting impact, enriching the experiences of our current students and strengthening our community.

Cheer on the Irish: Relive the excitement of your school days by joining us at athletic events. Your support as an alumnus enhances the community spirit and continues the tradition of cheering for our teams.

We Want to Hear from You!

Your insights, experiences, and suggestions are incredibly valuable to us. We invite you to reach out and share your journey post-Blessed Sacrament. Your feedback is instrumental in enriching the experience for our current and future students.

To reconnect and contribute to the ongoing success of Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, please consider completing the Alumni Registration Form below. Your involvement is a testament to the strong legacy of our alma mater.


We’re excited to showcase the diverse and inspiring paths our alumni have taken. Check out our Alumni Spotlight section, featuring a feed of news articles highlighting the remarkable achievements and stories of our graduates. This section will be regularly updated, so stay tuned for more alumni success stories from Blessed Sacrament School.