Religious Curriculum at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School

At Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, our religious education curriculum is in complete harmony with the guidelines set forth by the Diocese of Savannah, spanning from preschool through adult education. This curriculum, aligning with the Department of Catholic Education, is a cornerstone of our faith-based learning environment.

Incorporating Catholic Teachings and Sacraments:

The religion program at Blessed Sacrament School includes comprehensive sacramental programs and the teachings of the Catholic Church. Students actively participate in the planning and execution of liturgies and paraliturgical services, including penitential services, which are integral to our spiritual life.

Service and Inclusivity:

Service activities form a vital component of our religious curriculum, reflecting our commitment to Christian service and community involvement. All students, regardless of their religious backgrounds, are welcomed and encouraged to participate in our daily religion classes. Parish priests make regular visits to our classrooms, further enriching our students’ religious education.

Family Life Program and Catechesis of the Good Shepherd:

The Family Life series presents 5th and 6th grade students with the beauty and responsibility of human sexuality. This program allows students to learn about sexual life from a reliable, trusted source. Parental permission is needed for participation in the program. For our younger learners, the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program begins in PreK and continues through 1st grade, providing hands-on formation to nurture their spiritual development.

Adhering to Diocesan Guidelines:

Our curriculum is tailored to meet the diverse abilities of our students and adheres strictly to the guidelines of the Office of Catholic Schools. It encompasses not just religious instruction but also the broader aspect of religious education.

Sacramental Program:

The sacramental journey at Blessed Sacrament School Savannah begins at home and extends through our parish community. Both the school and our Parish Religious Education Program (PREP) collaborate to prepare Catholic students for important sacraments:

  • 2nd Grade: First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion
  • 8th Grade: Confirmation

Embracing All Students:

At Blessed Sacrament Catholic School, we welcome students of all faith backgrounds to participate in our religious education program, while the reception of sacraments is reserved for Catholic students.

Our religious curriculum is a reflection of our commitment to nurturing well-rounded, spiritually grounded individuals who are prepared to be contributing Christian members of society.