October, 2018

The rest of the story…by Ava Coffey

The ‘genius master plans’ have an organized blueprint, beginning with subcommittees. The complete thirty-seven member team breaks down into three separate subcommittees, “We Lead Wednesday”, “Service Learning”, and “Leadership Day”.
Each subcommittee has monthly individual lunch and recess meetings in addition to our whole group Student Lighthouse Leadership Team (SLHT) meetings on that take place on the fourth Tuesday of every month.  In order to be a member of the SLHT, each student fills out an application and rank which subcommittee they would like to be a part of. They work with that branch for the first and fourth quarters of the year, and rotate to the other subcommittees during second and third quarters.

Each subcommittee has a unique role. The We Lead Wednesday Lessons division, overseen by Ms. Phillips and Mrs. Willoughby, creates lesson plans and teaches students about the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. They have a constant four-week schedule. During the first week, members get their Habit of the Month lesson plans approved. The second and third weeks, they go out into the classrooms and teach the Habit of the Month. The fourth week is spent preparing for the next Habit lesson. The Service Learning subcommittee guides buddy classes during the fourth We Lead Wednesday of the month. Older and younger students are paired together. It is evident that friendships and comradery are sparking among all the various grade levels. These buddy classes choose a service organization for the year, such as Azalealand or Feed the Hungry. This group, led by Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Hubbard, and Mrs. Swanger, plan lessons and lead a class once a month. They are also responsible for the compliments and concerns of the entire student. In addition to their service projects, these student leaders conduct school tours. The Leadership Day subcommittee, headed by Mrs. Brooke and Miss Latimer, works on the preparation for Leadership Day the whole year even though it is months away, embodying Habit 2, “Begin with the End in Mind.”

           This summer on July 31, the SLHT had its annual summer retreat on Tybee. Upon entering the beach house, one was engulfed into this accepting community and the smell of donuts did not hurt. We began the retreat like all other things at Blessed Sacrament, with a prayer. It put us in a strong, united mindset with key terms like, “Leadership is not about watching and correcting. Lord, let us remember it is about listening and connecting,” and, “Let our greatest passion, be compassion.” We then focused on this and habit five, seek first to understand, then to be understood, with a Twizzler icebreaker prepared by Mrs. Brooke and Miss Latimer. The task was to tie a knot with the twizzler while only using one hand per person from partner pair. This seems simple, but we had to use communication skills to create a “game-plan” especially when we had to close our eyes! Next, we developed the SLHT mission statement for this year, or the purpose and what we want to accomplish. After a delicious pizza lunch, we talked about what we wanted our meetings to look like and decided on some key concepts like “presume the positive” and open discussion time at the end of meetings. Next, we went round-robin and learned a little bit about each subcommittee. Lastly, we finished with a seven-habits scavenger hunt that ended at the Tybee Lighthouse for group photo.
With the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year, SLHT has had a great start. With many subcommittee meetings, two complete team meetings, and a rotation of We Lead Wednesday and Service Learning lessons, the team is definitively active in the school. It has grown so much since one meeting and one lesson per month last year, and you can only expect great things to come from the Student Lighthouse Leadership Team.
“Lord, may our work this year be meaningful and filled with purpose. May our work this year leave a legacy at Blessed Sacrament that will be shared for generations to come.”
-Student Lighthouse Leadership Team 2018 Summer Retreat Prayer