October, 2018

Marlowe’s Magic (Continued)


Jeannie creates her lessons like Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel. It’s all in the details and the beauty of her creativeness. She puts in countless hours designing  just the right lesson to both delight and challenge her students. Whether it’s a Wee Can Write lesson, teaching the adaptations of the Polar Bear, or a candy cane science experiment, you can be sure the lesson is based in sound educational practices.

She is known at our school as the “Queen of Unit Planning.” These Units represent thousands of hours of research and creative planning. Jeannie sees these units as works in progress always revising them each summer based on what she has learned from her students the year before. Her daily lesson plans are reflective of engaging teaching infused with hands-on activities. They begin with the end in mind with formative, summative and performance assessments to measure mastery of concepts. Every lesson includes differentiation so that all her students can learn and feel successful. Her lessons engage students’ minds and stimulate their curiosity.

Classroom themes are introduced in a cross-curricular manner so that her students retain what she teaches. From singing, to dancing, to hands-on activities, the students have so much fun they see school as an adventure.  Jeannie’s excitement is contagious. She calls out “You got it!” when they learn something new. The students then turn to their peers and shout out, “You’ve got it!” And the whole class cheers for each other.

Jeannie Marlowe expects children to give their best and they always do because everyday she gives her best. She is what is best in Catholic Education and very deserving to be the Professional Educator of the Year!

We are honored and blessed to have Mrs. Marlowe as a part of the Blessed Sacrament Family.

WAY TO GO MRS. MARLOWE!  We are so proud of you!   YOU GOT IT !!