Here are some tips you can use to help your children learn how to use greetings:


  • Teach Greetings – Teach your children that when they meet someone, they should tell that person “Hello.” When they leave someone, they should say “Goodbye.” Talk to them about the various ways to say “hello” and “goodbye” (for example, “Hi.” “Hey.” “See you later.” and “Bye.”).
  • Be an Example – Model the correct way to use greetings for your children. Greet people you know when you meet them and use appropriate parting comments when you leave.
  • Pretend Play – Create a pretend situation where you and your children practice using greetings during play. For example, pretend you are a customer in your children’s store or pretend you are talking on the phone with your children.
  • Use Visual Supports – Use pictures that represent “hello” and “goodbye” to help cue, or remind, your children of the greetings they are to use in different situations. Have one drawing or photo signifying “hello,” and have another drawing or photo that represents “goodbye.”
  • Read a Book – Read books with your children that deal with the subject of using greetings, such as Say Hello by Jack & Michael Foreman, Hello! Good-bye! by Aliki, or Oh No! Time to Go! A Book of Goodbyes by Rebecca Doughty