Physical Education Program

As part of our curriculum, students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade at Blessed Sacrament School, one of the private schools in Savannah, participate in physical education activities. All students are expected to participate in activities and games that emphasize good sportsmanship.  A written note from the parent/guardian is required before a student will be excused from participation (up to three days).  A medical excuse from a physician is required for extended nonparticipation. Our program focuses on sportsmanship and active participation, embodying the ethos of Blessed Sacrament Catholic School.

Grading is based on fulfillment of class requirements, dressing out, participation, sportsmanship, and health assignments. Students are required to wear their PE uniform on Physical Education days. Students who do not wear their PE uniform may not wear alternate shorts on that day. 

Health classes are scheduled for students in kindergarten through eighth grade once a month.  Students are expected to complete assigned projects in various health areas.

Technology Program

Students in all grades participate in technology education. Through teacher/student collaboration, technology is infused in the classroom through the use of SmartBoards, iPads, laptops, and Chromebooks, as well as direct technology instruction in the lab with the computer teacher. Students learn digital citizenship, keyboarding, word processing, presentation software, research, and web design at appropriate developmental stages. Internet services, including a wireless network, are available to students with close monitoring by the school personnel. A contract/Internet Use Agreement for participation must be signed by the student and parent annually. 

The Daniel DeLoach Distance Learning Lab is a space to broadcast the morning announcements led by a Broadcast News Team comprised of students in 6th –8th grades.

Steam Lab

Our STEAM Lab at Blessed Sacrament School features SMART Lab programming, complete with standards-aligned math and science supplemental curriculum, professional development, technology, environmental design, and experiential learning opportunities. Through STEAM lab experiences, students become independent thinkers who can gather information to evaluate, question, and interpret aligning with the academic standards of Savannah Catholic schools.

Media Program

The two major purposes of the media program are to support the academic curriculum and to encourage students to develop reading skills through reading for pleasure. No grade or evaluation is given in media.

Each student is responsible for prompt and safe return of his/her library book.  Charges will be assessed for the damage of books. If a book is lost, the student will be charged the replacement value of the book through FACTS.

Music Program

The school offers both a general and liturgical music program for students in grades pre-kindergarten through 8th grade.  The curriculum involves the students in experiences of listening, singing, reading music, music history, and playing instruments.  Our goal is to nurture an environment where children can experience the enjoyment of music and discover its disciplines.  

Art Program

The art program covers a wide variety of creative activities including art production, art history, art criticism, aesthetics, and photography and pottery at some grade levels in the dark and kiln rooms. It is our goal to encourage students to become comfortable with creative expression. Students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade will participate in art each week, setting us apart from other private schools in Savannah.

Guidance Program

The school counselor provides consultation in the form of individual guidance to parents, teachers, and students, developmental classroom/small group guidance teaching a character/skill based curriculum, and coordinates needed services such as new student groups and the Student Support Team process (SST) which provides additional support for students who are not achieving their potential.